WEB Dubois

If Africa unites, it will be because each part, each nation, each tribe gives up a part of its heritage for the good of the whole.  That is what union means; that is what Pan Africa means: When the child is born into the tribe the price of his growing up is giving up part of his freedom to the tribe.  This soon he learns or dies.  When the tribe becomes a union of tribes, the individual tribe surrenders some parts of its freedom to the paramount tribe.
When the nation arises, the constituent tribes, clans, and groups must each yield power and some freedom to the demands of the nation or the nation dies before it is born… This is the great dilemma which faces Africans today, faces one and all: Give up individual rights for the needs of Mother Africa.
Excerpt from WEB Dubois’ Address to the All African People’s Conference, Accra 1958.

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